Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your facilities located?

Our facilities are located throughout Northern Georgia in Alto, Baldwin, Cleveland, Dawsonville, and Murrayville, GA. Check out our Locations page to find the facility nearest to you.

What are your access hours?

Our access hours are open to customers 7am - 10 pm.

Do you use security cameras?

Yes. We have 24-hour security monitoring to keep a close eye on our property and your belongings.

Do you offer truck rentals?

We sure do - as an authorized Neighborhood U-Haul Dealer, we’re happy to help you with your move by renting a moving truck. Contact us for details!

What’s temperature control?

Temperature control is an amenity that helps to provide protection from weather related damages to your belongings. Units with temperature control are able to keep your unit at a constant temperature to help you avoid damages caused by extreme heat and cold.

What’s portable storage?

Portable storage is just one of the ways we make self storage more convenient for you. When you rent a portable storage unit, a unit is delivered to the location where you need one. You can then load and store your items on-site at your location. After your items are loaded, we can then pick up the unit and relocate it to your new location, if needed, so you can easily unload and move-out your items. When you’re finished using the unit, we’ll pick it up from your location.

How do you make storage easy?

Our drive-up accessible storage units make moving things in and out of your unit much easier for you. We also offer complimentary dollies and handcarts to help with moving large items, and our 24-hour access allows you to visit your unit whenever it’s easiest for you.

What’s the best way to choose my unit?

Our self storage calculator is a useful tool that helps you estimate how much space you need based on the items you’re storing. Give it a try!

How do I get started?

Move-in or reserve a unit online, or contact us through our website and we’ll help you get started right away!